Summer is practically here, so we will refrain from burying the lead: If you are a pool owner, a luxury pool house addition for your home will provide convenience in spades.

Let’s dive into the main benefits:

  • Ample storage space: Pools call for a lot of accessories and assorted paraphernalia, from floats to lounge chairs to towels and more. These items are great when everyone’s having fun splashing around but can be an eyesore when scattered around your lawn and the pool’s perimeter. Store them in your new pool house and they’re out of sight, out of mind, until the next dip! A new pool house addition also allows you to put pool things away during the colder months, protecting them from the elements and keeping them ready for the summer when it returns.
  • A readily available changing room: A pool house addition allows your guests to comfortably change into their swim gear just before jumping into the deep end. This makes the visit more enjoyable for them, while also protecting your home and floors from puddles and wet footprints.
  • The ability to keep the party going: Pool parties are a summer staple. But they also have a nasty habit of leaving a trail of wet tracks and wandering party goers loitering in your kitchen and on your living room carpet.
  • An expanded living space (with a view): We don’t call it a pool “house” for nothing! Consider expanding your plans somewhat to include a finished bathroom and a furnished guest room, and you’ve got a great place for visitors to bunk – with a waterfront view no less, while your privacy is preserved.

Whether you plan to host guests this summer, or simply want to prepare your poolside for future summers, Cossentino and Sons Remodeling & Design, Inc. can help you.

Our team can deliver results that not only improve your home, but your home’s value. Our family owned business prides itself on attention to detail and personalized customer service. Discover how we can help you make a splash during this, and all future, summers, with a pool house addition. Call us at (410) 442-0000 and see examples of our work here.