There’s no doubt about it: it’s been a long four months.

Kicking around the house, biding the time, some of us have possibly noticed some rooms in desperate need of an upgrade. And now that restrictions are easing, and lumber yards are open for business – some haggard homeowners may be itching to stretch their muscles and bust down a few support walls.

We could keep this blog short and simply say “don’t.” Don’t go the DIY route for your full-scale renovation. Hire a professional.

Being a professional contractor, however, leaving things like that may seem slightly disingenuous. So, below are three huge reasons its best to contract out for your post-pandemic home renovation:

  1. A professional helps with the big picture: Without question, there are a number of people who have the hands-on hutzpah and natural talent to put in the sweat equity and get the job done. By and large, discouraging a DIY project has little to do with ability.
    However, Do-It-Yourselfers, particularly first-timers, have a tendency to miss the minutiae involved with a project; the finer points that can ultimately wind up costing you time and a great deal of money.
    A professional renovator can help you establish a comprehensive strategy for the entire scope of work, from the first hammer strike to final touch ups, and everything – from budget to scheduling to inspections – in between. He or she can also inform you of any urgent repairs necessary before construction begins. A contractor ultimately helps you to look before you take too huge of a leap.
  1. Your contractor provides structural support: Speaking of repairs, if you are living in an older home, there is a fair chance that when your full-scale renovation or remodel launches and sizeable holes are being punched in walls, structural wear and tear to which you were previously unaware will be revealed. These are fixes that are typically far beyond the purview of a part-time handyman and, in most cases, will require the expertise of an architect or engineer.
  2. Safety is never guaranteed on DIY projects: Full-scale renovations and remodels frequently involve major plumbing, electric, or gas work. For obvious reasons, these measures should be left to professionals who handle them on a day to day basis and understand the myriad risks at hand. If there is ever any doubt whether a DIY job gone wrong could result in debilitating injury – or worse – a contractor should be your very first call.

In addition to safety being the primary concern, however, most gas, plumbing, and electrical work requires the acquisition and approval of permits – a time-suck that can be dramatically expedited by those in the field.

There is also the quote-unquote seal of a professional job that DIY projects frequently cannot replicate. Nips and tucks here and there are largely fine for painting the guest bedroom, or replacing your kitchen cabinets, or even installing a new bathtub on your own – but for full-scale renovations, the meticulous care and attention to detail an industry insider affords you is worth its weight in gold when it comes time to sell your home.

Cossentino & Sons Remodeling and Design can help you. Several of our clients have complimented us on our obsessive attention to detail. It’s something that our entire team takes to heart. Family owned and operated, we pride ourselves on making the renovation process as flawless as your finished product, and every detail is handled with the precision and respect you and your property deserve. Contact us today to receive a free estimate.