Fall is likely your last great chance to break ground on a new addition or renovation before the frost sets in and the ground freezes.

Here are five reasons you should try to launch your project in advance of the holidays, when possible:

  1. There’s increased availability: In short, contractors have greater bandwidth during the fall and winter months, as spring and summer jobs come to a close.
  2. The weather works for you. Sunny spring days are great for a custom home project, don’t get us wrong – but early to mid-fall can be a boon for your next addition. Moderate temperatures – neither extreme – are more pleasant for crews and can even help adhesives and paint to set properly (and promptly).
  3. There are fewer distractions: Children are back in schools, homeowners are back in the office, and people are traveling. This means contractors are allowed a large portion of the day to work without any distractions whatsoever, and no need to tiptoe around someone else’s daily routine.
  4. You have more choices: As construction projects begin to dip during the latter part of the year, materials may become more readily available and affordable, giving you a wider array of choices and expansive customization.
  5. You can focus on the interior. Keep in mind, breaking ground on a new home addition may not require digging of any kind. Planning on selling your home in the future? Luxury bathroom and kitchen renovations are perfect projects for the fall months, allowing you to perfect these rooms while the time and temperature are right, then move on to exterior improvements come spring.

While cooler weather may ultimately put a damper on a lot of things toward year’s end, quality contractors can do some of their best work in autumn. And that puts your new addition on the fast track for enjoyment in the new year.