Create Comfort Food and Comfortable Guests in a New Home Kitchen

We’ve talked at length about the kitchen being the absolute heart of a home, and with good reason. Families gather and grow here. Guests are welcomed, wined, and dined here. Because of this room’s singular importance, it can be daunting if and when it comes time to remodel. But designing a new home kitchen that is both welcoming and efficient should be an adventure, not an aggravation. By keeping these few tips in mind – it will be:

  1. Custom-tailored to your style. Your new home kitchen will likely reflect your family’s collective personality. Spend some time thinking of what that is exactly. Will it spotlight sleek lines and sophisticated efficiency intended to mitigate clutter, or will it evoke a rustic charm with exposed wood and rugged textures throughout? A professional designer will work closely with you to showcase your passions and bring out your best side.
  2. Show your true colors. A redesign is a prime opportunity to incorporate a splash of color here and there, particularly if your new home kitchen is being revamped after years of mac n’ cheese-making! Bright colors tend to evoke a modern feel that is more conducive to house parties and get-togethers, while more muted options, like subdued blues and greens, can take the stress out of a long day as you kick back with a glass of wine. Trends are moving away from the tried-and-true crispness of a white kitchen as homeowners increasingly opt for warmer colors that are like a welcoming embrace from an old friend.
  3. Make seating arrangements: Homeowners frequently overlook the importance of in-kitchen seating when embarking upon a comprehensive remodel. Nothing says “welcome” more than the ability for family, friends, and loved ones to pull up a chair and chat for a bit. Consider a central hub for comfy chairs or stools, like a built-in island, which also helps to expand your serving space.
  4. Level up: When crafting your new home kitchen, give yourself more breathing (and baking) room. A professional remodeler can help you optimize your existing kitchen space and may even be able to widen this area with a custom bump-out.

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