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Should You Keep Your Dining Room?

This family opted to remove the dining room walls, creating more space and an open floor plan. Do you have a dining room in your home? How often do you use it? Many homeowners are opting to ditch their unused dining rooms in favor for something more practical. By all... Read More

How to Make Your Powder Room Feel Bigger

Open shelving, mirrors, large tiles, and the generous use of white all make this small bathroom feel bigger. Does your home have a powder room? A powder room, also known as a half bath, is a bathroom without a shower or bathtub. Because of the small size of these... Read More

The Benefits of an Open Floor Plan

A wide open space feels bigger and helps to manage traffic flow. Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. An open floor plan involves removing unnecessary walls so that rooms in the home all essentially share the same large space. Homeowners... Read More

An Exterior Renovation Benefits Your Home

An exterior renovation gives your home the attention it needs to really stand out! Maintaining a flawless home interior is not the only part of being a proud homeowner. A home exterior renovation is a wonderful way to bring out the quality of your home for all to see.... Read More

How to Enjoy Your Remodel Years Later

Spending time enjoying fresh air from your screened porch will never get old! A home renovation or remodel requires a lot of time, effort, and expense. When you are giving that much attention to a remodel, you want it to stay fresh and enjoyable for years to come. If... Read More