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Should I Refinish My Hardwood Floors?

The type of wood your floors are made of will determine how they can be refinished. Refinishing old hardwood floors in your home is a great way to boost the value of your home as well as breathe new life into the authentic beauty of your hardwood floors. But is it the... Read More

How to Survive a Major Remodel

Reducing your stress during a major remodel will help you to enjoy your beautiful finished project all the more! So, you finally decided to remodel your kitchen or add an addition! While big projects like these are very fulfilling in the end, they can be tough to get... Read More

Finishing Touches for Your Finished Basement

The pillars in the basement are finished off with custom mouldings, and the space has been transformed into a comfortable space to relax. Once you have undertaken a basement remodeling project, it’s time to enjoy the finished space! Here are some creative ways to add... Read More

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Kitchen

You can renovate your kitchen to be more organized and easier to work in. As the new year quickly approaches, you’re probably taking a moment to think about your goals for the upcoming year. As you write down your new year’s resolutions, don’t forget to include your... Read More

How to Transform Your Master Bathroom into a Spa

You master bathroom can be your very own retreat. The master bathroom is the perfect room to indulge in a luxurious renovation. What better way to treat yourself than by coming home and rejuvenating in your very own spa? Here are a few things that can transform your... Read More