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Trend Alert: Incorporating Shiplap Into Your Home

Are you ready to remodel the kitchen? Call Cossentino & Sons today! Shiplap is an excellent natural material to bring rustic charm and elegant style into your home. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to update the look of your home, switch up your style, or... Read More

Does My Kitchen Need a Range Hood?

Complete your Howard County kitchen with a beautiful and functional range hood. Range hoods often go unnoticed unless they are particularly sublime. While they can add a significant style statement to your kitchen, range hoods also serve a few essential functions that... Read More

Designing a New Kitchen: Rustic or Farmhouse

Is it time for a kitchen remodel? Call Cossentino & Sons! For the modern day family, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a space served for entertaining guests, sharing homemade meals, and spending time enjoying each other’s company. That’s why so many... Read More

Remodel the Kitchen in Time for Spring

Ready to start planning your dream kitchen? The first day of fall is quickly approaching, and already the humidity has faded away. While you’re packing up your linen pants and making last minute weekend plans, consider the aspects of your home you’d like to change... Read More

4 Tips to Help You Choose the Best Kitchen Cabinets

Taking the time to choose the right kitchen cabinets now will ensure that you enjoy your kitchen remodel for years to come. When it comes to any kitchen remodel, there’s a lot at stake. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in any home, a hub that’s used by... Read More