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Tips for Building an In-Law Addition

It’s important to take the time to make sure that your new addition has everything your aging parents will need. Many families are choosing to allow their aging parents to move in with them rather than a moving them to a nursing home. Building an in-law addition... Read More

The Two Major Benefits of In-Law Additions

Building an addition for your parents to move into will increase your property’s ROI and give you peace of mind. Housing trends have recently seen a huge increase in on-property and in-home additions. While these additions can be used as a space to rent out to... Read More

Staying On-Budget With an In-Law Addition Project

Investing in an in-law addition is a smart choice for many households. These additions provide a comfortable living space for extended family, they add value to your home, and they provide you with an opportunity to truly explore the potential of your home design. So... Read More

What an In-Law Addition Can Do For Home Value

Though young people fresh out of college may be itching to move out of their parents’ home, they may be surprised to find that later down the line- after careers, children, and other life changes, living with mom and dad no longer sounds like such a bad idea! The... Read More