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Hobby Room Ideas

A basement or extra room in your home can easily be converted to a fun hobby room! A hobby room is an extra space in the home to spend time relaxing and doing what you enjoy. Indulging in your favorite pastimes is a great way to promote happiness and well-being. You... Read More

What Can I Do with a Bonus Room?

If you’ve been looking around your home lately and feeling like you could use some extra space, building on an addition is a great way to do so without having to pack up and move to a bigger house. But what sort of addition do you want? You could add space on to an... Read More

Home Addition Spotlight: Bonus Room Benefits

When it comes time to decide on your next home addition project, you may be at a loss. Perhaps you’ve already remodeled your kitchen or built an in-law apartment, and you are not sure what renovation to undertake next. Luckily, when it comes to home additions,... Read More