screened porch
A screened porch brings the outdoors in to create relaxing space to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.

Temperatures are rising and the freshness of spring is in the air. As spring approaches, we begin to spend more time outside of our homes enjoying the pleasant weather. However, spring showers and the prevalence of bugs and mosquitoes force many back into the home. A solution to this problem is to build a screened porch! Screened porches provide the best of both worlds; you have a space to sit outside and enjoy the gentle summer breeze while also being protected from weather and bugs. A screened porch brings family meals and picnics outside with the added comfort of an easily accessible sink just a few rooms away! There are many different and unique ways to design a screened porch. If you are considering adding a screened porch to your home, there are several design elements to consider. We’ve outlined a few for you below.


If you have small children or pets who like to run through screen doors, then you may have decided to put your dream of a screened porch on hold. If you are set on building a screened porch, there are several ways to make sure it is safe for children and pets. You can discourage children and pets from breaking screens by starting the screens at chair-rail height. This is essential for safety if your screened porch is on the second level of your home. You still get a fantastic view and airy breeze with the added comfort of knowing that your whole family is safe. Heavy storm doors and covered electrical sockets further increase the safety of your screened porch.

Extend the Seasons

A screened porch is an excellent way to easily enjoy the changing seasons. You can extend your comfort to last from early spring until late fall by adding fans to cool during hot summer weather and a fireplace or wood stove to heat during crisp fall weather. These additions make your screened porch more accessible and also add value to your home. A fireplace or woodstove is also a great aesthetic feature for homes that have a rustic wood cabin theme!


Finally, another great idea to consider adding to your screened porch is skylights. Skylights maximize the brightness of your outdoor space while also improving your view and helping you to feel even more like you are enjoying the openness of the outdoors. Not only is the natural lighting improved, but you also have a gorgeous view of the stars at night. Skylights can make your screened porch an oasis of natural light.