screened porch
A screened porch is a fun addition to the home.

Screened porches continue to trend upwards in popularity. These additions are a comfortable combination of the best of both indoor and outdoor living. With a screened porch, you spend the afternoon curled up on a wicker rocker with a good book and the evening dining and entertaining al fresco. Many homeowners are drawn to screened porches because of the charming comfort they add to the home. In fact, some homeowners are treating their screened porches as a focal point of the home.

Think Big with a Screened Porch

Screened porches used to be simply add-ons to the home that were used for occasionally relaxing and possibly entertaining after an indoor dinner. Nowadays, homeowners have taken the concept of the screened porch to a new level. Building large screened porches with built-in outdoor kitchens and even massive stone fireplaces has transformed screen porches from a simple place to sit to an enclosed paradise for entertaining and living.

Other trends in screened porches include creating eye-catching ceilings and floors. Flooring can be anything from creamy tile to warm engineered hardwood. A big trend in screened porch ceilings is to include rafters or wood planking for a space-expanding and eye-catching visual effect.

Decorating with an Attention to Detail

If you are planning on making the most out of your screened porch, it’s a good idea to pay special attention to lighting and ceiling fans. Having adequate lighting will allow you to stay on your screened porch well into the night, while having ceiling fans will make spending time on the porch in the dead of summer for comfortable and relaxing.

Matching outdoor furniture sets are no longer the uncomfortable steel chairs they used to be. You can find plush, comfortable matching outdoor furniture that transform your screened porch into a veritable second living room. And don’t forget the dining table! If you plan on entertaining, adding a table for dining outside on your porch will come in handy.

Finally, adding a finishing touch with plants, wind chimes, and even a small plug-in fountain is a great way to bring the lovelier aspects of nature past the screens so you can enjoy all the natural sensory effects of spending time on your screened porch.

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