perfect sunroom
The right sunroom will give you lots of light while seamlessly incorporating with you home.

Whether you call it a sunroom, a conservatory, a solarium, or a Florida room, this glassed-in living space is a great investment for any homeowner. In fact, Remodeling Magazine says that “the resale value of a sunroom averages 89%-115% of original cost,” making it a great investment for most homeowners.

If you’re considering a sunroom addition to your home, one of the first things you’ll have to consider is where to put it. It’s all about location, location, location! When planning your sunroom, you’ll have to consider your climate as well as the existing structure of your home.

Southern Exposure

Since Maryland has a northern climate, building your sunroom so that it has southern exposure will be most beneficial. A sunroom on the southern side of the home’s exterior will have the most exposure to sunlight, which limits the amount of lighting and heating you will have to provide, thereby cutting down on energy costs.

A northern exposure should be avoided if possible, as this orientation provides less heat and sunlight than any other exposure. Additionally, a western exposure will make your sunroom susceptible to the harsh glare of the setting sun. While this isn’t ideal, if it is truly the best position for your sunroom, you can manage the glare by installing light-filtering window treatments.

Coordination with the Home

Creating a perfect sunroom isn’t just about the room’s relation to the sun; it’s also about the it’s relation to the home! While you may want your sunroom to have a southern exposure, you may not want it connecting to any of the rooms on the southern end of your home. Choose a location that makes sense to you. After all, you’re the one who will be using the room every day! Some homeowners are fine with a sunroom that connects to the kitchen, while others don’t like the idea of people walking through the kitchen to get to the sunroom. Whatever room it connects to, it should first and foremost be a position that you are comfortable with.