By having a beautiful sunroom or screened porch built, you’ll be creating your family’s new favorite spot to spend their summer evenings. But you can make this new home addition even better by outfitting it with all of the right accessories! Certain furnishings and features are absolute must-haves for your sunroom: read on to find out more!

What Accessories Should I Have In My New Sunroom?


When discussing the design for your new sunroom with your contractor, be sure to bear in mind the different accessories and features that you will want to include in the final product. Here are a few things that you won’t want to miss:

  • Comfy, cozy furniture. Your sunroom doubles as extra living space for your family; skip the plastic lawn furniture and select plush fabrics and upholstered seating instead! This will make your sunroom an excellent space for entertaining guests as well.
  • Window treatments. We know what you’re thinking- isn’t the point of a sunroom to be sunny? True though this may be, you might want to draw shades or blinds closed to keep the room cool during the day or simply for the sake of privacy.
  • Additional lighting. A sunroom can only be as sunny as it is outside, but this does not mean you cannot use this extra living space on cloudy days. Additional recessed lighting will allow you to use your sunroom regardless of the weather or time of day.
  • Plant life. Bridge the gap between your indoor space and outdoor space with a few beautiful potted plants! Jade plants, aloe, and peace lilies are well-suited for a sunroom; they will benefit from the light but do not need excessive care to stay looking healthy.
  • Make your sunroom a special getaway filled with books, magazines, and a stereo system. Relaxing with a good read or a favorite CD has never felt better!

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