With warm weather well on its way, homeowners across Maryland are looking for ways to maximize their available outdoor living space. But maybe, at the moment, all you have is a small, exposed porch with no real room for furnishings. That doesn’t give you much space to work with, let alone to truly enjoy! Luckily, there is a solution that will add beautiful living space and home value to your Howard County property: a screened porch.


Why Should I Build a Screened Porch this Season?

There are many advantages to adding a screened porch to your home. The most obvious benefit is that is expands your existing living space to include a hybrid indoor-outdoor area. On a screened porch, you’ll get all of the fresh air, natural light, and atmosphere of being outside while still staying protected from the elements, such as wind and rain. A screened porch is also easy to keep clean, as it is not in direct contact with the soil outside.

Because it adds to your living space, your screened porch also adds to your entertaining space. Throwing a graduation party in your backyard this spring? Your screened porch is the perfect place to set up drinks and food away from invasive insects while your guests mingle outside. Hosting a cocktail party one summer evening? Your screened porch will keep guests cool while they enjoy views of your yard and landscape.

Though you can enjoy your screened porch in the “here and now,” future families will be able to enjoy it in the “there and then.” A home addition like a screened porch can add serious value to your home, making it a wise investment for homeowners who plan eventually to put their house up on the market.

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