Decades ago, the prevailing design style revolved around highly compartmentalized rooms, each with clear functions: one kitchen, one dining room, one family room. But as time and tastes have evolved, a new era of openness has come to home design, prompting many homeowners to seek out an open-concept family area on the main floor of their house. So what exactly are the benefits of an open-concept design, and how can you get one even in an older home? Read on to find out!


Opening Up New Possibilities with Open-Concept Design

One of the main reasons that homeowners want a new kind of design is so that they can have an open family gathering space. Unlike the upper floors, which are usually reserved for the more private bedrooms and bathrooms, the main floor of your home is where the family most often spends time together. Rather than forcing family members to be sectioned off in different rooms, an open-concept design allows everyone to see and speak to each other easily, no matter which “area” they happen to be in. Not only does this create more opportunity for family bonding, but it also increases safety, particularly for parents of young children. Now while you are in the kitchen cooking dinner or in the dining area setting the table, you can easily keep your eye on children playing in the living area.

Remodeling to Incorporate Open-Concept Design

While many newly-built homes come with an open-concept design already, some homeowners will want to learn how they can remodel their current homes to create this more modern aesthetic. While the particulars will vary from home to home, your professional contractor can create an open family gathering space by removing walls from around the dining and family rooms, expanding the kitchen, and unifying the three formerly individual spaces with a cohesive style.

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