Do you need to remodel or do you need a design-build? The two may seem similar, but they’re very different. The main difference between the two is how much of the space is being reconstructed from scratch.

What is a Design-Build?

A design-build has very different requirements than a remodeling project. A design-build involves changing many of the original features of the home. This often means changing the layout drastically and making large renovations or additions. Because a design-build is so involved, it may require an architect to draft the design. A design-build may involve drafting construction plans, moving or installing plumbing, electric, and HVAC, and the selection of numerous materials that are needed for the new design. A certified architect and sometimes a structural engineer may be involved to ensure that the completed design is structurally safe and compliant with all local building codes and regulations.

What is a Remodel?

Most homeowners will opt for a remodel when updating the home. Remodels are not as involved as design-builds, so an architect is usually not involved. A design-build may involve changing the function of a room–such as transforming an extra bedroom into an in-law suite with functioning plumbing–while a remodel simply updates the original footprint of the room. So, for example, when a homeowner has a kitchen remodel, they may be installing new countertops and appliances, and maybe even adding a kitchen island that wasn’t there before, but the function and layout of the kitchen remains the same. This makes remodels less intensive and expensive than design-builds. However, that’s no reason to shy away from design-builds! If you dream of making a drastic change to your home, then a bigger project managed by professionals will give you the best results.