Are you ready to remodel the kitchen? Call Cossentino & Sons today!
Are you ready to remodel the kitchen? Call Cossentino & Sons today!

Shiplap is an excellent natural material to bring rustic charm and elegant style into your home. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to update the look of your home, switch up your style, or undergo a major home improvement project, you’ll find that shiplap is increasingly popular–and for good reason. This charming material is fun and easy to design with, giving you lots of room to work with for designing in your personal style. Updating your home with shiplap elements is also a great, simple way to add some value and appeal for potential home buyers. Here are just a few ways to use shiplap in your next home improvement project.

Brighten with Neutrals

You can open up a room like the kitchen or den with a light, neutral shiplap wall. The shiplap will provide contrast with your appliances or furniture, drawing the eye to its clean lines. Using this material on your walls will give any room a casual, homey, rustic look. For a cleaner, chic look with shiplap, try outfitting your appliances with it as well. A shiplap-dressed refrigerator will add to a sleek open-concept kitchen.

Dress Up Unused Spaces

A great way to use shiplap is in unexpected places. Find a space in your home that sees little use or often goes neglected and consider its design potential. With some shiplap, that spot under the stairwell can become a cozy, stylish reading nook. The walls behind your cabin-style kitchen shelves can get a boost of rustic and bright charm. An added bonus to dressing up these unused spaces with shiplap: these types of home improvement projects can add value to your home and make a big difference to future home buyers!

Set Your Bathroom Apart

Many bathrooms tend to go for an ultra-clean look, but this can often leave the room looking bland, with nothing but the fixtures for interest. Using shiplap paneling to break up the space and add some charm can make all the difference in setting your bathroom apart. Shiplap can also be used to complement a great fixture like a claw-foot tub perfectly. Keeping the shiplap a subtle color will add to the room and frame the desired feature while making sure the focus is on the more distinct elements in the room.

Get Colorful

Going for a bold shiplap feature is sure to bring your home a unique touch that adds value and beauty to the space. Try a natural green for a complement to rustic kitchen features. A subtle color can also contrast well with bold cabinets and eclectic furniture. Or go even bolder and turn the shiplap trend on its head–try vertical shiplap to lengthen a room, frame a feature door, or draw the eye to a beautiful window. The possibilities with this material are endless, and it may just be the perfect addition to your next home improvement project.

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