kitchen renovation
A modern kitchen with an open plan.

A kitchen renovation can be a big deal! It requires a lot of time, energy, and effort, and thus it also requires a lot of planning. Make sure that you are prepared by following these renovation planning steps!

Prepare Your Budget

You want to know how much your project will cost before you begin. A good way to assess how much your project will cost is to get three estimates from design-build remodelers. It’s good to keep in mind that some remodelers will estimate more thoroughly than others so that there will be no surprise add-ons. When reviewing your three estimates, make sure you are comparing the same specifications and scope of work involved. An extremely low bid from another contractor may indicate a lack of business experience and an inability to cover the actual costs involved in the job. If you are not sure what you are comparing, feel free to ask the contractor to compare the estimates with you. All contractors have an allowance amount incorporated into their contract for materials. Some contractors have builder grade allowances and some contractors such as Cossentino have an allowance budget based on the average that homeowners spend in their geographical area. Play it safe and budget for a little more, should you want to incorporate items that may be higher than the budgeted allowance, i.e., upgraded cabinetry, lighting, tile, fixtures, appliances, etc. Also, unforeseen circumstances such as water damage and mold once a house is opened up will result in addendums for proper repair.

Study Your Existing Kitchen

You are getting a kitchen renovation because you don’t like how your kitchen looks or functions, right? Before your scheduled estimate with a contractor, take a moment to inspect your kitchen and write down exactly what you don’t like and how you would like it changed. Not spacious enough? Consider taking out an unnecessary wall! A popular renovation today is to create space by removing dining room or living room walls to create that highly desired open floor plan. With all of that new open space you can upgrade your cabinetry adding an island with bar top and ample cooking space.

Don’t Be Afraid to Talk to Your Designer!

If you are the hands-on type who loves to delve into deep research and contribute to the direction of a project, then feel free to reach out to your designer! Taking some time to do a little extra homework can help you to ensure that your kitchen fits you perfectly and can also give your designer a better direction. Don’t have a designer? Once you are contracted, Cossentino has designers that work with you to browse kitchen appliances, fixtures, flooring, countertops, lighting, and cabinetry!