Ortanez Custom Dining Built In Bookshelves
Built-in bookshelves give you lots of space for your books while also making a great first impression.

Are you an avid reader? Do you have stacks upon stacks of cookbooks, literary classics, reference books, and poetry? Looking for somewhere to store them all?

If you’re getting a remodel, we can include bookshelves in your design! You may think of a bookshelf as a piece of furniture that stands in a corner, but many modern home designs incorporate bookshelves into the design of the home itself. Here are a few creative ways you can include extra bookshelves throughout your home.

In the Kitchen

Do you have a beloved collection of classic cookbooks? You, of course, want to keep these books in the kitchen where they are kept on display and within easy reach for when you need them. A great way to make space for your cookbooks in the kitchen is to include shelving on the ends of your kitchen island. Shelving on the ends of a kitchen island feels very natural and is a smart way to utilize your kitchen space. Plus, storing your cookbooks on the ends of your kitchen island can keep them on display but not necessarily too close to work areas in the kitchen where they could get splattered with food or grease.

In the Study

kitchen bookshelves
Shelving on the ends of your kitchen island can be a convenient place to store cookbooks and other items.

The study is a natural place to keep books on display. Rather than setting up a single bookcase in the corner, you can instead have bookshelves built into the entire side of a single wall in your study. Not only does this give you ample space for storing books and other decorative elements, it also makes a dramatic first impression.

In a Hobby Room

If you’re still looking for storage, then your hobby room is a great place to incorporate extra shelving. No matter what your hobby is, odds are your hobby room will look great with a built-in bookshelf. And many hobbies utilize books as well. Do you have a sewing room? You’ll need shelving for your quilter’s library. Do you have an art room? You’ll need room for art reference books. If you can’t get enough books, then it’s likely that you can never have enough bookshelves as well.