Whether you need a bathroom addition or a bedroom addition, Cossentino & Sons can help.

Life happens fast. One minute you’re moving into your new house and the next you’re driving home from the hospital with your second child safely bundled in the car seat. As your family continues to grow, your needs change, and suddenly your four-bedroom ranch house isn’t as spacious as it once was. Adding square footage to your home allows you and your family to live more comfortably without packing up and moving across town. Discover how you can expand your home elegantly, and learn how to prepare yourself for the process.

Find the Perfect Team

Adding square footage to your home isn’t as simple as attaching another room to one end of the house. The process requires time, care, and attention to detail. It’s important that you find a contracting team that listens to you, understands your needs and can blend your addition seamlessly with the rest of your home.

Determine the Scale of the Project

The best way to determine the scale of your project is to evaluate your wants and needs. Are you making space for a new baby? Are you preparing for your mother to move in? Do you simply want more space? Don’t settle on a one room addition when a second story addition may be more suitable for your family.

Have a Cup of Coffee

Once you’ve found the perfect contracting team, sit down with them and discuss your vision over a latte. It’s important to maintain an open line of communication during the entire process, to ensure that the finished project is something that you will love and can enjoy for many years. If your remodeling project is geared towards creating more room for children, the design team can create a sophisticated, yet functional space for your expanding family. Whether you decide on a bump out addition or you’ve chosen to add an extra 2,000 square feet to your home, sit down with your contractor and tell him/her exactly what you envision.