Remember when you were a kid, wishing you had a bigger bedroom and daydreaming about the ways you would decorate if you did? Well, the time has come. And with the dawn of a New Year, there’s no better time to launch a master bedroom remodel or a master suite addition.

Enjoy separate dressing rooms and personalized walk-in closet space with his & her options or go big and bold with a lavish layout fit for a king or queen. While most master bedrooms and/or suites feature a bathroom that is not accessible to other family members or guests, it is not a mandatory inclusion. Remember: this is YOUR room in your style. (And don’t worry – there will be plenty of room for that “Breakfast Club” poster.)

  1. Stick with a theme: Consistency is the key when launching a master bedroom remodel. Each room in your home should blend seamlessly with those adjacent to it in order for a project to be successful. Only professional remodelers have the tools, time, and talent to make it all possible. The Cossentino team, for example, can make expert suggestions regarding your home’s available space. Is an open floorplan called for, or more traditional layouts? And which materials are the best fit for your family’s unique style? Your contractor can help you see beyond plaster and drywall to see the true potential of your home.
  2. Consider a second story addition: If you’re in the market for a master bedroom remodel, making it part of a two-story addition to your home may be the way to go. Particularly in older homes, bathrooms off-shooting upstairs bedrooms are never quite big enough to fit modern needs, and neither is closet space. Traditionally, a two-story addition adds a family room to your first floor and a bedroom – or master bedroom – to the second. Upgrading your entire second floor can save you time and money while adding convenience. Better yet, a two-story addition allows you to add space to your kitchen, family room, or basement, or gives you an opportunity to bump things out for storage or a home office.
  3. Go even bigger with a brand-new bathroom: By far, our bathrooms are the areas of our homes that see the most traffic on a day-to-day basis. As a result, they show the most wear most frequently. When talking to your contractor about your master suite addition, don’t skimp on the bathroom accouterments. From frameless glass enclosures and stone countertops to high-end faucets, ample lighting, and compartmentalized commode areas – making a bathroom redux part of your master bedroom remodel is, pardon the pun, flush with possibilities.

Cossentino & Sons specializes in master bedroom remodels that deliver maximum privacy and functionality, while showcasing your personal style and tastes and delivering a little bit of paradise right in your own home. Contact us today to get started.