kitchen island
This bar-style kitchen island allows your guests to sit on one side while you prepare their food and drinks on the other.

A kitchen island is a functional and necessary part of any kitchen. Not only does a kitchen island add beauty and style to your kitchen, it is also a functional focal point for preparing and eating food, sitting and chatting, and entertaining guests. Plus, there are so many different kitchen island styles that you’re bound to find one that perfectly captures the personality of your kitchen. Read on to learn more about your options for kitchen island styles.

Bar-Style Kitchen Island

This kitchen island style is great if you are an entertainer at heart who loves to cook and make drinks for your guests. This stretched-out kitchen island has lots of room on one side for barstools and room for the chef on the other. You can show off your impressive cocktail-making skills for your friends or prepare personalized sushi rolls for them. Become the ultimate entertainer by preparing food right in front of your guests’ eyes!

L-Shaped Kitchen Island

An L-Shaped kitchen island is a great way to establish distinct work and meal areas in your kitchen. One leg of the island can be outfitted with an overhanging countertop and chairs, while the other leg is equipped with a cooktop and food prep area. Or, you can choose to customize your kitchen island as a food preparation area and a cleanup area, with a cooktop on one leg and a sink on the other. However you decide to set up your kitchen island layout, it’s sure to provide you with more functional space in the kitchen.

Kitchen Island with a Breakfast Bar

A kitchen island that has a breakfast bar is essentially divided into two parts: one part for food preparation and the other part for eating breakfast with your family! This unique kitchen island has designated counter space and a built-in cooktop for preparing meals and 12- to 16-inch countertop overhang that provides ample room for breakfast plates, chairs, and legroom. This style of kitchen island works well at bringing families together for meals.