kitchen trends
Muted pastels will be a popular kitchen color in the upcoming year.

The new year is almost here, and with it is a whole new world of interior design possibilities! Designers predict old trends that are being revived and reinvented as well as new trends that are quickly gaining popularity. Why not start the new year fresh with an updated kitchen or bathroom? We’ve compiled the following guide of 2016 design trends that are forecasted to be popular and prevalent.


Color is one of the easiest elements to update in a room. It also provides a huge dose of character to a room, changing the personality of a room to be dark and moody, light and airy, or what have you. Subtle tones and pastels are expected to be big this coming year. Granite has always been a solid choice for kitchen countertops. The neutral colors of granite pair well with creamy buff colors or muted pastels. These fun, unstated colors work best on cabinetry and accents; walls and countertops are best left in neutral colors. The color combination of pastel pink Rose Quartz and dusty blue Serenity are Pantone’s 2016 Colors of the Year. These colors reflect a yearning for mindfulness, tranquility, and reassurance. Clearly, this year we’ll see an emphasis on colorful yet understated pastel pairings.


Contrasting design elements are going to be even bigger in the upcoming year. According to Jonathan Adler, a potter, designer, and author, “We live in an anything-goes world where it’s okay to mix high with low, mid-century with minimalist modern, colors, patterns, and everything in between. The best trend I’m seeing is people forgetting about the ‘rules’ and loving what they love unapologetically.” We’re seeing a return of vintage elements mixed with modern sleekness. Designer Justina Blakely predicts that 80s-inspired design will be big in 2016, complete with geometric motifs, clashing colors, and silhouettes. However, she predicts that the 2016 revival designs will have more taste and less kitsch than the original 80s designs.

Warm Metallic

Rose gold, copper, brass, and gold have been popular design elements in the past and are predicted to dominate 2016. These elements are great as fixtures and accents in kitchens and bathroom. Pair metallic elements with raw, natural elements such as wood, granite, or ceramic. The British wallpaper brand Graham and Brown combined both the metallic trend and Pantone’s Colors of the Year by predicting a 2016 wall paper trend that incorporates pink and blue tones with warm metallic accents. You can find ways to incorporate metallic accents throughout your home, along with contrasting pastels, to create the warm, inviting atmosphere that will be the focus of 2016s design trends.