Chances are, if you’re thinking about remodeling your home, you’re considering it for one of two reasons. One, you want to increase the space and visual beauty of your home, or two, you want to increase your return-on-investment when it comes time to sell your house. Even if you’re not considering selling at the moment, it’s a good idea to know what remodeling projects will give you the highest ROI before you begin building. Read on to find out your best options when it comes to getting the best ROI when it’s time to sell.

Home Remodeling Projects that Really Pay Off

  • Kitchen Remodels

Since many families consider their kitchen to be the center of their home, it’s no wonder that home buyers are looking for updated kitchens when browsing the real estate. A brand new kitchen with modern appliances, fixtures, colors, cabinets, countertops, lighting, and flooring can recoup approximately 80% of the cost on average when you sell. The talented designers at Cossentino Remodeling specialize in designing custom kitchens, so even if you aren’t looking to sell, if you want to make your dream kitchen a reality, we can help!

Curb appeal is everything! The first time your buyer sees your home, whether it be through a photo or in person, the first thing they’re going to notice is likely your home’s exterior. Old, worn-out siding can mean a 10% loss of your home’s value! Whether you want to upgrade to vinyl or fiber-cement siding, accent your siding with stone or brick veneer, install PVC trim, or add on a porch or patio, Cossentino Remodeling has all of your exterior remodeling needs covered and can design a plan to fit any budget!

  • Room Additions

Everyone wants more space. Whether you choose to expand on an existing room or add a brand new addition such as a sunroom, screened porch, bedroom, or bonus room, a bigger home is almost always going to be a home that sells for a higher price. Bathrooms are actually the room addition with highest ROI, at an average of 85.4% return, followed by bedrooms, family rooms, and sunrooms, which can return anywhere between 70 and 80%. And those returns don’t even consider the enjoyment and comfort you will get from all that extra space before you sell!

Get started on your very own home remodeling project with Cossentino and Sons today. We have over three decades of experience in providing our clients with incredible craftsmanship, integrity, and a pleasant lack of surprises.


after home remodeling
The same home after exterior renovations were completed by Cossentino Remodeling.
before home remodeling
A home before exterior renovation through Cossentino Remodeling.