Hypothetical situation: Your dream home has been on the back burner for far too long. With the future looking brighter by the day, you’re finally ready to take the leap and are busy Googling professional home improvement contractors.

Just remember: a suspiciously low estimate is a HUGE price to pay for poor quality and shoddy workmanship.

Seek out a home improvement contractor with a proven track record and years of experience in the industry. They can ensure your dream home does not become overburdened with logistical nightmares, while also delivering:

  • A strategic approach: From the first meeting to the hammering of the last nail – from budgeting to inspections to maintenance, and more – quality home improvement contractors will help you realize your dream home from basement to the attic. Design/build firms with extensive experience in the industry provide reassurance that things will come together without a hitch, while delivering precise, personalized concepts, thorough estimates, and a single source of contact that eliminates confusion and error.
  • An eye for detail: When you hire experienced home improvement contractors, you receive the peace of mind that any structural issues or concerns are identified and addressed way before the actual remodeling begins. There are way too many variables and vulnerabilities with a full-scale remodel, including electrical and plumbing – all areas that are best handled and assessed by a professional team.
  • A professional touch: Home improvement contractors are adept at handling “surprises” as they arise. A home remodel is not quite like building a shed or a sunroom. Homes are living, breathing entities – and for those of advancing years, they have a history that even the current resident may be unaware of. That means structural fixes resulting from wear and tear may make themselves known smack dab in the middle of the process. Only professionals have the wherewithal and ingenuity to keep such disruptions in check, while forging ahead with the project at hand.
  • An honest relationship: Trustworthy home improvement contractors pride themselves on providing competitive, complete, and comprehensive estimates that do not rely on small print or deceptive practices. Find a design/build team who starts its process with a visit to your home, and a comprehensive discussion with your family about the hopes you have for your dream project. Based on this information, the scope of the project can be determined, and an accurate and honest proposal drafted.
  • A qualified team: At Cossentino & Sons, many of our team members have been with us for decades. Each and every member of our staff takes pride in the work he or she performs.

Keep in mind: not all home improvement contractors are created equal. Cossentino & Sons Remodeling & Design, Inc., is family owned and operated, and passionate about delivering the dream homes that our clients have always envisioned. We pride ourselves on personalized customer service and meticulous attention to detail. We can help you launch your remodeling project. Call us at (410) 442-0000. Examples of our work can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.