Kitchen design remodel for chefs
Are you ready to have the chef kitchen of your dreams?

Can you picture a kitchen fit for a chef right in your home? Designing a kitchen fit for a chef is very possible and affordable if you have your dream kitchen designed around function. As you may see on food TV networks and throughout the internet, master chefs always want to use their kitchen areas to the most potential. Yes, a master chef kitchen will include modern appliances but more importantly it has a good design space where the chef has an efficient work triangle to create delicious and healthy cuisines and desserts. The goal of any chef kitchen design is taking very few steps so the chef can focus more on the cooking. The best way to create a good workflow is consulting with a kitchen remodeling company about how each appliance in your kitchen will work for the complete cooking experience.

The traditional chef’s kitchen follows a simple kitchen design which includes easy to open doors, wide pathways and good display screens. Chefs need these features in a kitchen design because they are working in a fast-paced cooking environment, running with pots and pans while turning on and off stoves. If the process is not quick and easy, a good meal can turn into a disaster fast. You can get an idea of your ideal kitchen remodel project by writing down how you will use your kitchen space and what kind of chef you want to become for your friends and family. Once you have these two factors in mind, the kitchen remodeling consultant can design a master chef kitchen meeting those needs.

Creating a chef gourmet kitchen goes beyond high-end kitchen appliances. A master chef also looks into easy-to-clean kitchen surfaces and storage for cooking essentials such as a spice collections and utensils. There are four zoning areas you will want for your gourmet kitchen: food preparation, meal cooking area, clean up, and the serving area. You want to optimize your chef performance in every kitchen zone. By knowing what you want within each kitchen zone, you will stay on track and on budget for your kitchen design cabinetry, floor plan and appliances. Here are some kitchen features master chefs include in their gourmet kitchens:

  • Lowered countertops for making party rolls and other baked goods.
  • Task lighting, perfect for under-cabinet lighting as well as for preparing and cooking food.
  • A specialty storage like a dishwasher drawer to make it easier to manage the cleaning of glassware, while using the main dishwasher for the heavy-duty cleaning of pots, pans and dishes.
  • A Double oven, with one oven being convection (includes a fan) to circulate hot air to cook food uniformly.

Ready to start on your chef kitchen remodel? Cossentino Remodeling is here to effortlessly make your dream chef kitchen design a reality and all it takes is a little planning here and there to upgrade your kitchen to the chef kitchen design of your dreams — professional kitchen appliance, durable flooring and specialty storage design for your kitchen needs.