A thoughtfully-planned home office will be designed according to your working lifestyle.

When thinking about a home office, most people envision a closed-off room featuring a mahogany desk and an antique leather armchair. While this design may work for some, there are actually many variations of the home office. When you design a home office, you may want to consider these three points.


When thinking of a home office, did you picture the room being closed-off, quiet, and private? While this may work for some, it may be the worst case scenario for others. Many homeowners who work from home also have to keep an eye on children, so having an office in a central part of the home where parents can both see and hear children is essential. For other homeowners, it is crucial that they work without interruptions or disturbances. In this case, it’s best if a home office is located in secluded part of the home, such as the basement or attic. Some homeowners even opt to build a freestanding structure so that they have a place to work that is separate from the home.

Custom Design

After constructing a home office, you don’t want to simply cram it with a desk and filing cabinets. A custom design can help you to stay organized and comfortable. When you design a home office, consider adding built-in bookshelves, cabinetry, and custom furniture that will cater to your particular needs. You’ll be able to work a lot more efficiently knowing that the room is designed for optimal organization.

Design for Guests

Do you see clients in your home office? If so, then you’ll want to make sure that when you design a home office, you’re designing it for them as well as for yourself. Your office should have a delineated entrance that can be closed off for privacy during a meeting. Inside your office, there should be a designated and comfortable space for anyone who visits during your office hours. It’s also considerate to have a bathroom nearby for visitors to use. You can choose to install a bathroom in your office or designate a nearby bathroom in the home for office use.