When it comes to the contents of your kitchen, you know better than to ignore expiration dates. But if you wouldn’t let a container of yogurt go bad, why should you let your cabinets? Kitchen layouts, like any other design component in your home, can show their age if they are left untouched for too long. To make sure your kitchen is always looking “fresh,” read on and learn more about modernizing its layout!

Modern Kitchen Layouts

Which Kitchen Layouts Look the Most Outdated?

One thing that every homeowner prizes in their kitchen is having enough space. Enough counter space to prepare full meals, enough open space to maneuver comfortably, enough seating space for a breakfast counter or similar set up: the list goes on! In newly-designed homes, this need for elbow room is almost always taken into consideration. So when you are dealing with a cramped kitchen layout, that is a dead giveaway that it is a dated style. By opting for a remodel that expands and adds to your usable kitchen space, you give yourself ample opportunity to bring things up to date.

In an attempt to increase their counter space or to give their kitchen a more modern look, some homeowners have chosen a quick fix, such as sticking an island in the middle of their existing kitchen. But say you’ve done that in a kitchen that already has a breakfast bar or limited room. A cluttered layout shows not only that your kitchen is dated, but that you’ve tried to compensate for this in all the wrong ways. Start from the ground-up when remodeling your kitchen, and know that when elements such as islands are incorporated from the beginning, your whole kitchen will look more cohesive.

Remodeling your kitchen layout so that it is open, spacious, and functional can easily take it from the 20th century to the 21st. Get in touch with Cossentino today for more ideas about modernizing your home!