best lighting
It’s not just about lighting up the room; the best lighting fixture is one that adds a sense of drama and aesthetic appeal.

Light fixtures are a key element in the overall design of a room. Lighting designer Randall Whitehead says, “Think of decorative lighting as architectural jewelry. It can dress up or dress down the look.” Getting to choose your light fixtures is like the cherry on top of the whole remodel process. It’s the finishing touch that adds that final layer of charm to a room. Getting to know your options can help you to choose the best lighting for every part of your home.


If you have a large space and want to make a statement, then the chandelier is a great light fixture to choose. Chandeliers are made to attract attention and dress up a room. A big chandelier in the living room is impressive and glamorous. However, chandeliers come in all styles and sizes. A small, understated chandelier can add some drama and sophistication to an otherwise unimpressive foyer.

Pendant Lights

Pendant lights are smaller hanging lights that both serve as a decorative element and as direct lighting over a kitchen table or island. These lights are designed to draw attention, as they’re usually decorative and hung close to eye level. Individually strung, a grouping of these lights work together to create a design statement.

Wall Sconces

Decorative wall sconces provide stylish task lighting in essential areas like the bathroom vanity or the hallway. Wall sconces are especially good for showing off works of art hanging on your walls. And with all of the decorative designs available, your wall sconces can be a work of art themselves.

Recessed Lighting

While a decorative wall sconce or showy chandelier may be great for attracting attention, sometimes you don’t want people to think about the source of the lighting. In these instances, recessed lighting proves to be extremely useful. Recessed lighting is installed into the ceiling so that the light fixture does not break the clean lines of the ceiling. The result is a spotlight for art or task lighting for the kitchen that does not draw attention away from the illuminated object. This is a true example of the phrase “less is more”.