Does morning after morning in your drab, out-of-date bathroom have you craving a total room renovation? Because your bathroom is a highly-trafficked area, no doubt it is in need of a bit of a makeover. If you are looking for inspiration, turn first to these top bathroom remodel trends of 2015!


How Should I Remodel My Bathroom This Year?

To bring your bathroom from passé to perfect, take a look at some of the year’s hottest trends for bathroom remodeling.

  • Tile Style. One of the biggest new trends in bathroom design is finding tile with patterns and colors that really stand out. A unique tiled floor is a good feature or focal point for those homeowners who would like the rest of their bathroom design to be more simple and minimalist.
  • Sweet Master Suites. Adding an entirely new bathroom or expanding the one attached to your master suite is the perfect way to both enhance your space’s functionality and to add value to your home.
  • With Room to Spare. Storage space is often an issue in outdated bathrooms. You either have a few tiny shelves and drawers to keep your products or worse- no room at all! Custom cabinetry and vanity set-ups in a bathroom remodel allow for more storage space and a sleek, less-cluttered look.
  • Let There Be Light! Getting ready in the morning in a dimly-lit bathroom can prove to be tricky. Customized lighting features can brighten both your room and your day!
  • Seamless Transitions. For 2015 in general, the biggest trend will be creating a cohesive flow throughout your home. Rooms will be decorated and designed to “match” and complement one another, a thought you should keep in mind when picking out colors and design features for your new bathroom.

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