open floor plan
A wide open space feels bigger and helps to manage traffic flow.

Open floor plans are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes. An open floor plan involves removing unnecessary walls so that rooms in the home all essentially share the same large space. Homeowners are gravitating towards open floor plans because they offer more space, more natural light, and create a more social environment. Here are a few other benefits of an open floor plan.

Connect the Indoors with the Outdoors

The biggest feature of an open floor plan is the expansive view within the home. A well-planned floor plan extends that view to the outdoors. Large windows and sliding glass doors that open to a patio, sunroom, or screened porch make that outdoor space seem like an extension of the home. To further make your outdoor space feel like a part of the home you can incorporate decor in your outdoor space that matches the decor inside the house.

The Luxury of Space

Older homes have each room separately enclosed with walls and doors. This makes each room feel small, cramped, and lonely. Removing these walls and doors to create a more open space makes every room feel much larger and more luxurious. This is why most modern luxury homes incorporate an open floor plan. Plus, more space means better traffic flow and improved interactions within the home.

More Natural Light

Eliminating unnecessary interior walls means that the sunlight from your windows can reach further within the home. This has the effect of making the home feel as if you installed bigger windows when actually the natural light that enters your home is just more efficiently diffused.

Increased Safety

If you live with children or aging parents, then safety is front and center when it comes to interior design. Adopting an open floor plan helps you to keep a better eye on children. It also means there are fewer doors within the home for aging parents to wrestle with. An improved line of sight and more mobility makes open floor plans fit for the whole family.

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