interior design elements
The right lighting and layout goes a long way towards setting the tone of a room.

When remodeling, it’s important to consider every aspect of the home. Our designers know exactly what to look for so that you don’t end up with a finished product that feels incomplete. Here are a few things that we take into account when designing part of a home.


Lighting is essential to setting the tone of a room. A bathroom with not enough lighting may feel like a cave, while a dining room with too much lighting may feel like an examining room. It’s important to have the right kind of lighting in the right spaces. Bigger windows also allow more natural light, which improves mood, especially during the winter months. A home with appropriate lighting will make you feel naturally relaxed and happier.

Metal Hardware

You may not think about your doorknobs very often, but replacing a dingy doorknob with a polished door handle can have a surprisingly positive effect on a space. Doors often curate our expectations before entering a room; therefore, paying attention to your doorknobs can improve the aesthetic appeal of a room before it is even entered.


Wood mouldings on cabinetry and walls can add a subtle yet powerful aesthetic to a room. Mouldings hide the plain edges of the tops or bottoms of cabinets or walls while also adding an element of sophistication to the overall design of a room. Mouldings can range from elaborate to traditional to plain; the mouldings you choose depend upon your individual taste.This finishing touch is what can make a room look complete.


It can be easy to collect large items until they no longer fit in a room. It’s a good idea to choose a theme and remove any items that don’t fit the theme. For example, if you want a dark, rustic theme, then any furniture that is sleek and bright should be removed from the room. Choosing an open floor plan is another great way to de-clutter your space. Open floor plans involves removing the walls between two or more rooms in order to connect them and provide more open space. The result is a light and airy home that feels easy to move around in.