home remodeling trends
This tray ceiling adds depth and character to this new kitchen.

If you are looking to update the space you’ve inhabited for decades or itching to alter your brand new home, sorting through all of the options available to you can be a fun and exciting process. Whether you’re going to start with a bathroom remodel or new hardwood floors, here are four of our favorite new home remodeling trends for you to try.

Keep it Bright

White might seem like a plain color for widespread use throughout your kitchen or bathroom, but it’s a timeless way to open up your space. White is also a great choice for your walls if you are planning on incorporating a brightly-tiled backsplash or eye-catching sink fixture into the room. White walls make a room seem brighter, cleaner, and bigger than it is.

Keep it Country

Barn doors don’t just belong outside of the barn anymore! This home remodeling trend is a phenomenal way to give your room or home a new focal point. If you struggle to style your pantry or dining room entryway, a barn door can add visual interest and character without adding visual discord or clutter.

Keep it Elegant

If you want a home remodeling trend that makes your space seem upscale and elegant, adding tray ceilings to your master bedroom or dining room will get the job done. Tray ceilings use a center section, raised several inches higher, to create a deeper vaulted ceiling. Tray ceilings are a perfect fit for any room with a chandelier or any small room you want to make appear slightly bigger.

Keep it Unique

Subway tile is a timeless building material for kitchens and bathrooms, and it’s available in crisp white and bright colors to match your personal style. If you are searching for a way to add texture and unique style to your kitchen or bathroom, subway tile is a cost-effective and beautiful choice. Tile walls also help to reduce your clean-up time.