cookie cutter kitchen personalized with custom mouldings
Custom mouldings in the kitchen add style and personality.

If you own what used to be a “cookie cutter” home, then you’re probably looking for ways to update and personalize the design. A personalized kitchen not only sets your home apart from your neighbors’, but it also makes your kitchen easier to use and more reflective of your own personal tastes. Here are a few ideas for personalizing your cookie cutter kitchen.

Custom Mouldings

Nothing adds personality and sophistication like custom mouldings. Mouldings on the top of your walls and cabinets and along the bottom of the wall and cabinets gives your kitchen a finished look. This simple addition to your kitchen makes a huge impact.

Extra Storage

If you have a cookie cutter kitchen, odds are that there wasn’t a lot of thought put into maximizing storage space. Modern innovations in kitchen storage make it easy to customize your kitchen with life-changing storage solutions. Pull-out shelving inside your cabinets put less strain on your back when bending over to grab something buried deep in the back of your cabinets. Extra storage nooks in the sides of your cabinetry give you a handy place to store small items that tend to clutter the kitchen counters.

Charging Stations

The kitchen is the hub of the home. Today, the modern family will gather in the kitchen just as they’ve done for decades, with one exception: everyone brings their laptops and smartphones. Since so many family members spend so much time in the kitchen, it’s helpful to install a few charging stations in convenient spots. You can opt to have hidden electrical outlets installed in your kitchen countertops, or even install a special charging drawer where you can plug in your tablet, smartphone, or laptop and store it safely as it charges.

Custom Light Fixtures

A custom light fixture is the cherry on top of your kitchen design. A beautiful light fixture adds plenty of personality to the kitchen, and it can even act as a focal point! Gorgeous pendant lights or even a small chandelier can serve to bring warmth and charm to the kitchen.