Looking to have the hottest kitchen design trends incorporated into your home?

Simple, functional, high quality and modern are the biggest focuses when it comes to the luxury kitchen trends of 2018. Based on the extensive surveys done by Houzz, in 2018 we can expect to see more homeowners concerned with organizing and decluttering their kitchen counters.

Complete Re-hauls

Many consumers reported that they were looking for more than a few small changes. Almost 50% of those interviewed said they wanted to complete a full, luxury kitchen remodel. The layout was a particular point of interest, with a majority looking to move to an L-shaped kitchen.

White and Bright

The “Instagram” interior influences continue to reign supreme with bright white color palettes for kitchens being favored by 36% of homeowners.

Shaker Cabinetry

Named after the religious sect from the 18th century, Shaker style is known for its minimalist, well-crafted style. Cabinets in the shaker style will be made from wood with a recessed central panel.

Wood Floors

With high quality engineered wood and laminate growing in popularity approximately half of all homeowners are choosing wood or imitation wood for their flooring. As the options for non-wood become more realistic, a slight decline in the use of hardwood has been noted.

Technology In The Kitchen

While almost 22% of homeowners have added home assistant technology like Amazon’s Echo or Google home to their luxury kitchen, the use of televisions in the kitchen has declined. However, smart appliances, such as refrigerators with built-in smart technology, have continued to become more common.

Countertop Updates

Engineered quartz has upstaged granite for the role of trending counter options as countertops were one of the most favored kitchen remodel projects.

Organizational Storage

Decluttering counters and increasing storage space is one trend for 2018’s kitchens that can’t be ignored. Today’s homeowners are obsessed with storage, prioritizing it over almost everything else in the kitchen.

Leave The Work To The Pros

According to research by Houzz, almost 86% of homeowners hired professionals such as Cossentino & Sons to renovate their kitchen. A licensed, experienced remodeling team isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity.

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