Experience should be the number one factor you consider when hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor in Ellicott City.

When you locate a contractor with true bona fides, the rest will fall into place. Why? Because professionals simply cannot tally decades of continuous business, jobs, and referrals without it.

Any fly-by-night handyman can jury-rig a countertop or a lighting fixture in your kitchen and call it a day. But trusting your home to a non-professional is a direct path to problems and disappointment. Instead, find a kitchen remodeling contractor who has done the legwork (and the sink work, and the tile work, and the lighting, etc., etc.) and you’re more than halfway there. Everything else is part and parcel with experience, including:

  • Ample coverage. Experienced contractors will be appropriately bonded and insured, protecting you – the client – from any danger or liability. Check to make certain all prospects are licensed with the Maryland Home Improvement Commission. A low MHIC number, by the way, is a reliable signifier of a stable, sound business.
  • A validated business presence. Trusted relationships with industry professionals and vendors, as well as longtime customers from the area, are hallmarks of a reputable contractor who will not leave you in the lurch.
  • Word of mouth. Your contractor should be able to refer you to glowing testimonials from happy customers with beautiful, functioning kitchens and dazzling renovated rooms in their homes to brag about.

Cossentino & Sons has the experience you’re looking for in a kitchen remodeling job. Family-owned and operated for more than 30 years, our business’s experience covers a wide variety of remodeling projects, including luxury kitchen remodels, and we take great pride in creating quality home improvements, exceeding standards, and using only the best materials available.

As one of the leading kitchen remodeling contractors in Ellicott City, we are covered by both workers compensation and general liability insurance and are proud members of the Maryland Home Improvement Commission Remodelers Council, the Home Builders Association, and the Better Business Bureau.

Find out how the Cossentino team can help you get your remodel started by calling (410) 442-0000. Check out examples of our work on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.