kitchen remodel mistakes
Avoiding these common kitchen remodel mistakes can ensure that you get the kitchen of your dreams!

It’s easy to focus on the bigger picture when planning your kitchen remodel, but remember that the devil (the costly, annoying, terrible devil) is in the details! Kitchen remodel mistakes can affect not only the attractiveness of your kitchen but also its overall usefulness. A kitchen that feels like it still isn’t finished after the check is signed and the work is done can be incredibly frustrating for homeowners. Aside from not getting what you pictured, a poorly done kitchen remodeling job can leave your kitchen dangerous and less than user-friendly. Here are some kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid.

Look for Lights

While fretting over which type of wood to use for your cabinets or whether or not to upgrade all of your appliances, you may forget the very tool that allows you to see any of them, your kitchen lighting. Too little lighting can make the room look dark and uninviting. Forgetting to properly light the space can also lead to injuries when chopping up the vegetables for dinner. If you put in too much bright lighting, however, the kitchen might seem stark and sterile. When planning your lighting, take into account where the windows are, how large the room is, and what exactly you use your kitchen for.

Consistently Inconsistent

You may have had many marital or familial disagreements while going through different patterns and designs for your kitchen remodel. The last thing you want people to think when they enter your kitchen is “Wow! They must have had many marital disagreements while designing this kitchen!”  If you want a sleek modern design, don’t have rustic wooden stools at the kitchen island. If you are looking for a classic retro look, stark white walls and stainless steel appliances will clash with your retro dinnerware and checkered towels. Take time and care to select the right theme for you and avoid looking mismatched or confused.

Remember the Mouldings

Just like lights, mouldings are an easy thing to overlook when planning a kitchen remodel. Wood mouldings on your cabinets or walls can add a special elegance to the room. Whatever your kitchen theme ends up being, mouldings can add the perfect minimal, elegant, fancy, or simple look to your kitchen.