wood countertops
Wood adds warmth and sophistication to the kitchen.

You may be asking yourself: should I get wood countertops? If you’re looking to add a little warmth and coziness to the kitchen, nothing does the job better than wood countertops. However, they do require more maintenance than granite, marble, or quartz countertops. Read on to learn more about this unique kitchen fixture.

What Kind of Wood?

So, what kind of wood is used to create wood countertops? Generally, wood countertops are made of hardwoods. This rules out softwoods like pine. Hardwoods are more resistant to cutting and the average wear and tear that kitchen countertops endure. You can opt for woods that are abundant, like maple or bamboo, woods that set a sophisticated tone, like black walnut or cherry. If you want to be environmentally-conscious, you can choose wood from local trees or reclaimed wood to create your wood countertops.

The Unique Quality of Wood

Wood countertops require oiling two to three times per year in order to maintain their texture and shine. Despite the higher maintenance requirements, many homeowners still opt for wood countertops. This is because there’s so much that wood countertops have to offer! You can cut directly on wood countertops provided that you are maintaining them. Since wood is softer than stone, you won’t hear clanking from pots and pans that are placed on the wood surface. A dropped glass is less likely to break on the softer wood surface as well. Wood is also naturally heat-resistant and doesn’t react to citrus the way that stone countertops do. Plus, since wood is so malleable, it can be cut into many different, unique designs. Butcher block, striped, end-grain cubes, solid tops with “live edge” detailing are all different types of wood countertops that are available to modern homeowners. With so many looks and with high versatility, it’s no wonder so many homeowners opt for wood in the kitchen!

If you are still asking yourself: should I get wood countertops? Give Cossentino & Sons a call and we can walk you through the process!
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