breakfast nook
A breakfast nook is a nice addition to a kitchen because, unlike the kitchen island, it provides seating in a secluded and comfortable corner of the kitchen.

Looking for ways to make your kitchen more cozy and comfortable? Built-in breakfast nooks are a popular way of making the kitchen feel more inviting. Read on to learn why so many homeowners are in love with the classic breakfast nook.

Ultimate Comfort

The breakfast nook is the perfect place to go all-out with comfort. A “nook” is a small space that’s private, secure, and comfortable. You may not think of the kitchen as a place for blankets, cushions, and pillows, but that’s what breakfast nooks are made for! Breakfast nooks create the perfect environment for a long and relaxing brunch, coffee break, or even mid-day reverie. Once you accessorize the space with cozy throws and pillows, you’ll never want to leave your comfort zone!

A Room with a View

Many homeowners choose to build their breakfast nooks next to large windows in the kitchen. This creates a sunlit spot with beautiful views of the nature right outside your home. Perfect for watching the kids play in the yard or just reading a magazine and watching raindrops slide down the window panes.

Socialize with Family and Friends

The breakfast nook makes a great place for gathering together family or friends for a board game, card game, or just catching up. The smallness of the nook creates an intimate atmosphere that also serves well for more social meals, such as fondue or tacos, where you don’t want guests to have to reach across a large table for ingredients.

…Or Have Some Alone Time

While a breakfast nook creates a great intimate space for entertaining, it’s also the perfect space for some secluded alone time. You can enjoy your morning coffee in the meditative, peaceful space of the nook before gearing up to tackle the day. As our lives get more and more hectic, the breakfast nook proves to be an increasingly necessary fixture in many homes.