Is it time for a kitchen remodel? Call Cossentino & Sons!
Is it time for a kitchen remodel? Call Cossentino & Sons!

For the modern day family, the kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s a space served for entertaining guests, sharing homemade meals, and spending time enjoying each other’s company. That’s why so many homeowners are designing large, spacious kitchens with timeless touches that exude charm and comfort. Are you looking for ways to incorporate a warm aesthetic into your home? Learn more about Rustic and Farmhouse kitchen design, and determine which style is best for you.

Assess Your Style

Rustic and Farmhouse kitchen design may have many similarities, but they are distinctly different styles. A Rustic kitchen incorporates dark hues and rough textures, such as exposed natural wood beams. A Farmhouse kitchen is considered the more crisp and subtle option of the two, especially when the sink is stainless, and it is often displayed in painted cabinetry or lightly stained kitchen cabinetry. Determine which style would better suit your home, or consider incorporating elements of both into your kitchen design.

Working with Wood & Stone

One of the most notable elements of a Rustic or Farmhouse kitchen is natural wood. Reclaimed wooden floors and distressed cabinets incorporate a sense of natural wonder in the design, while other wood types can be painted to your specifications. Rather than covering your kitchen in wood elements, consider the other natural materials like stone. Layering your kitchen in natural wood and stone is the perfect way to create a Rustic kitchen, while a Farmhouse kitchen might incorporate just one natural element.

Selecting Colors

If you choose to paint portions of your kitchen, ensure that you work with Rustic or Farmhouse colors such as muted pastels, blues, and browns. Bright colors, like the Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet, tend to modernize a space. If you enjoy adding a pop of color to your kitchens, consider doing so with accessories or decor.

Cossentino & Sons

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