While it may be a little too late in the game to launch a kitchen remodeling project before your family and friends arrive for Thanksgiving dinner – there are many luxury kitchen features you can implement in the coming year that you will be incredibly grateful for when next Turkey Day comes around.

Here are three great additions to consider.

  1. An open layout: Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home – and the central gathering place for your family – and social circle – as it grows. Because of that, many modern kitchens are focused more on an easily navigable and fully functional floorplan that is open and welcoming. Talk to your professional remodeler about blueprints that exemplify this concept.
  2. An island paradise: We don’t want to use the word “getaway”, because implementing a central kitchen island is a surefire way to attract curious “castaways” any time guests enter your kitchen. Islands have quickly become an integral focal point for homeowners in recent years, as they provide multiple benefits. They not only offer expansive storage space, via pull-out shelves, drawers, and more, but they also increase your food prep space exponentially. No more bumping up against the fridge or the sink. Two-tiered islands can serve the preparation purpose, while also inviting friends and family to gather at this special hub.
  3. Professionally designed lighting: For a room where so many important things happen – and so many important meals are crafted – kitchens are notorious for having poor lighting. That’s why an integrated lighting plan is a luxury kitchen feature so many foodies just can’t live without. A specialist will be able to help you integrate lighting in any way, shape, or form you can dream up. Incorporate LEDs under your cabinets so that they are out of sight until you need something bright. You can also build lighting directly into drawers so that they shine when you’re searching for the pie knife and the ice cream scoop late at night.

The professionals at Cossentino & Sons have been helping homeowners reimagine their kitchen spaces for decades, and we understand that sometimes it’s the smallest details that make the biggest impact. We can help you make your holiday season brighter with luxury kitchen features that make meal prep more efficient while bringing families even closer together.