garage conversion
A garage conversion can give you a much-needed extra room.

As time passes, our families change and grow. Perhaps you are running out of space for the kids or your teenagers need a space of their own. Or maybe your elderly parents are moving back in. When homes become cramped, many homeowners decide to sell their homes in exchange for a bigger, more accommodating house. However, in today’s housing market, many families are reluctant to risk not getting the highest return on investment for their homes. Or, perhaps your home is historic or has been passed down through several generations, and you’re reluctant to move out. There is an easy solution. If you no longer need all the space of your garage, then a garage conversion can provide that essential extra space that you need. Your garage has the potential to be one of many different types of rooms.

Home Office

If you’re looking for a peaceful retreat to get some writing done or make client calls without interruption, then an attached garage makes a great office space. Especially if your home is full of the sounds of playing children and barking dogs, it’s important to have a designated space for quiet productivity. The garage doors can be replaced with sliding glass doors that are insulated and storm proof. For privacy, you can landscape the area in front of the doors or install simple blinds for when you don’t want to be distracted. If you want to convert your garage but still need room for vehicles, consider building a custom, freestanding garage to compliment your home.

Family Room

Alternatively, you can consider converting your garage into a room for the kids to play. A playroom will keep children entertained for hours while parents get work done. Or, a garage that has been converted into a gym provides hours of exercise and entertainment for the whole family. Another option is to turn your garage into an extra living space for teenagers to hang out, for the family to watch movies, or for entertaining guests. The possibilities are endless!

In-Law Addition

Do you have elderly parents or in-laws living with you? An in-law addition can dramatically increase your home’s value, not to mention that it gives aging parents their own space to live with dignity and independence while still having family nearby. If you have a garage that is not being heavily used, you can easily convert it to a small apartment, rather than having to build an entirely new structure. A garage can be insulated, equipped with running water, and essentially transformed into a senior-friendly small apartment. Should you decide to sell your home, an in-law addition will be a huge asset.