Check out one of our recent basement remodeling projects!

Down in the depths of the basement lies a world of possibilities. Snap your fingers once, and it becomes a home theater, equipped with a plasma screen and reclining chairs. Snap your fingers again, and the basement transforms into a luxurious, modern space where your friends and family can pass the time in thoughtful conversation. The choice is up to you, and it starts by considering a basement remodel.

Determine How the Room will Function

Before you embark on a remodeling journey, ask yourself how you want the basement to be used. Keep in mind that the basement is an extension of your home. Do you need to remodel the basement to create more room in the house? Will the basement be a place for the kids to hang out after school? Discuss your ideas with the design team to determine how the room will function.

Consider Your Style

Most rooms in your home share a similar style or theme, creating one cohesive vision throughout the house. Consider if you would like the basement to share this style, or if you would like it to be separate from the rest of the house. Whether you want your basement to be modern, classic, or unique, an experienced design team can give you the results you need.

Look at Your Current Basement

Analyze your basement and assess what you like and don’t like about it. If you loathe the entirety of your basement, then it’s best to start from scratch. But if there are aspects of your basement you would like to keep, such as recessed lighting, the design team can work around these requests.

Think About Your Dream Basement

When it comes to basement remodeling, your house is your oyster! Recently, we had the privilege of remodeling a basement for a client. Check out the before and after photos to see how we transformed their outdated saloon into a modern day mini bar!