finished basement
The pillars in the basement are finished off with custom mouldings, and the space has been transformed into a comfortable space to relax.

Once you have undertaken a basement remodeling project, it’s time to enjoy the finished space! Here are some creative ways to add a few finishing touches to your finished basement.

Make Your Mark

Your basement is part of your home, so it should look like it! Use a fresh and light color palette to warm up the space and bring in the feel of extra natural lighting. Consider the styles that you use in other portions of your home and use similar color schemes, materials, and textiles to finish your basement. Even though your finished basement can feel like a separate room from your home, you can take easy steps to prevent that!

Game Night

Many families use their finished basements as a game room or extended family room. Make your basement a place that everyone in the family can enjoy by having activities appropriate for every age level. Many grown-ups love a big television to watch sports or a pool table for fun weekend nights. You can also accommodate a play area zone for kids looking to have fun at the same time (and grown-ups looking to keep an eye on them!).

It’s All in the Details

Many homeowners will take a step back to take in all the finished renovations of their newly-remodeled basement only to realize that the exposed structural columns are an eyesore that take away from the beauty of the finished room. No need to worry! When we renovate a finished basement, we can customize structural columns with mouldings and a color scheme to match the decor. We can also work with a structural engineer to move structural columns to accommodate different floor plans. After your exposed structural columns have been moved and finished, you can stand back and enjoy the new look of your basement without any eyesores. This last detail solidifies the overall visual style of your finished basement.

Finished Basements You Will Love to Spend Time In

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