exterior renovation
An exterior renovation gives your home the attention it needs to really stand out!

Maintaining a flawless home interior is not the only part of being a proud homeowner. A home exterior renovation is a wonderful way to bring out the quality of your home for all to see. Plus, there are several long-term benefits that come from having a well-maintained home exterior.

Improve Your Quality of Living

Replacing your doors, siding, and roof can greatly impact your energy costs and time spent on maintenance. Vinyl or fiber-cement siding requires little to no maintenance, so your home will look fresh and new for years without ever requiring arduous maintenance. Replacement windows, new shingles, and new exterior doors can also keep drafts and moisture from entering the home, which creates an overall more comfortable living experience. You also won’t have to worry about doing expensive repairs that come from a neglected roof or old window seals. Most importantly, an exterior renovation can keep your family safe. Not only do stronger doors and windows make your home more difficult to break into, but a well-maintained home exterior is actually a deterrent to criminals. Well-maintained landscaping and outdoor lights make it very hard for burglars to hide, which means that your home is less likely to be a target.

Increased Curb Appeal

One of the most immediate improvements you’ll notice from a home exterior renovation is a dramatically increased curb appeal. Accenting with a stone or brick veneer, adding custom garage doors, and adding a full porch or portico can transform your home from run-of-the-mill to a jaw-dropping showstopper!

Increased Value

When it comes to selling your home, your home’s exterior can make or break the overall appeal. The exterior of your home is where home buyers will get their first impression; if you have an out-dated exterior, no matter how luxurious and modern the interior, potential home buyers may be turned off. Welcoming touches like a stone veneer and a new screened porch adds charm and marketability to the home. Potential buyers will be impressed with their first impression of the home and continue to view the rest of the home with that first good impression in mind.