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Transform Your Basement into a Luxurious Space

Check out one of our recent basement remodeling projects! Down in the depths of the basement lies a world of possibilities. Snap your fingers once, and it becomes a home theater, equipped with a plasma screen and reclining chairs. Snap your fingers again, and the... Read More

Finishing Touches for Your Finished Basement

The pillars in the basement are finished off with custom mouldings, and the space has been transformed into a comfortable space to relax. Once you have undertaken a basement remodeling project, it’s time to enjoy the finished space! Here are some creative ways to add... Read More

Ideas For A Finished Basement

A wet bar in this finished basement fits the decor seamlessly and creates a great space for entertaining. Your home is where your life happens. It’s where your kids grow up, where you eat dinner, and where you relax after work. Your home is an important part of your... Read More

4 Reasons to Finish Your Basement

Most homes have basements, but not so many have beautiful finished basements that they’d want to spend time in. If you’re concerned about the lack of space in your home, it may be time to go for an upgrade. Additions are one option, or you could consider remodeling an... Read More

Inspiring Ideas for a Finished Basement!

An unfinished basement represents nothing but untapped potential. More than simply adding to your living space, by finishing your basement you will be giving yourself the chance to truly create the home of your dreams from the ground up! Read on for some inspiring... Read More