home improvements with high ROI
Getting a kitchen remodel is a great way to boost the value of your home, as well as boost the amount of enjoyment you get from your home.

Planning home improvements isn’t always an easy task. The home improvements that you want don’t always reflect much in your home’s value or offer decent return on investment. The right renovations will go a long way so that you can more fully enjoy your home for longer. Here are 6 of our top home improvements with high ROI potential for your home and your home’s value.

A New Front Door

Many homeowners forget about their front door because they only see the outside of it once or twice a day—when they leave and when they come home. Replacing your front door with a brand new one won’t just spruce up the outside, it can also help reduce your energy bills if your previous door was drafty or poorly fitted. Front doors have a whopping 75% ROI.

Brand New Siding

Modern vinyl siding comes with transferable warranties and vibrant fade-resistant finishes. Potential homebuyers will enjoy the added curb appeal and durability of new siding. This home improvement can get an amazing 83% return on investment.

A Kitchen Remodel

Even a small kitchen remodel can majorly upgrade your home, as buyers of today indicate that kitchens and bathrooms help them to decide between otherwise similar homes. A minor kitchen remodel (refacing instead of replacing, new flooring and countertops, slightly updated appliances) can reflect in your home’s value up to 67% of what you paid.

Deck and Patio Additions

Do you enjoy spending time outside during the warmer months? Decks and patios are popular in person and on paper since they add additional livable space to your home and perfectly complement landscaping.

Converting an Attic into a Bedroom

If you have a dusty attic that isn’t used for much other than storage, clean it up and convert it into a usable bedroom. Unlike other remodels or renovations, you don’t need to worry about the existing walls and ceiling and can focus on making the room more appealing and livable.

A New Garage Door

A brand new garage door, just like a new front door, adds major curb appeal and functionality to your home. Amazingly, a new garage door is a home improvement that offers an 87% ROI.