A winter home remodel may seem a bit unorthodox, but the truth is that if you have the resources and the time, this may be a perfect time to stage that bathroom remodel or kitchen overhaul you’ve been dreaming about.

Here’s why:
• Contractors have more time: The warmer months through spring and early fall are typically the busiest times for contractors and home remodelers. In the spring, homeowners are emerging from their long winter naps, so to speak, and are looking to reinvent. Sunnier days also allow homeowners to get out and away from the worksite while construction is being done. All of these factors place a premium on your local remodelers’ schedule and availability.
A winter home remodel can be ideal, however, if you do not mind the added company. Increased availability puts you in a better negotiating position, where schedules are concerned, and focal points such as the bathroom and/or kitchen are ideal projects for this time of year.
• Materials are more readily available: Because fewer remodeling jobs are being completed over the winter months, fewer materials are being purchased and shipped. Those planning a winter home remodel often have a more expansive selection of quality materials – such as lumber, cabinetry, and windows – at a better price-point.
• You’ll finish in time for the real estate rush: Home sales tend to pick up and even peak in the spring and summer months. If you are thinking of selling your home, a winter home remodel, such as a bathroom or kitchen overhaul, can go a long way into putting fabulous finishing touches on your home so it dazzles during the open house.
• If you travel, you will return to a refurbished home: Several homeowners living in the Mid-Atlantic take extended vacations during the winter months to escape the cold and celebrate the holidays in the sunshine. Take advantage of this time to schedule your winter home remodel. Not only will you avoid the standard commotion and noise that is par for the course with construction, but your fantastic new surroundings will make coming home so much sweeter.

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