Welcome to the brand new Cossentino Remodeling blog! Here you can find information and articles about the latest work that Cossentino and Sons is doing and how it can help you in your journey to create the perfect home! Read on to find out a little bit more about our family-owned business and the kinds of quality services we can provide.

Cossentino and Sons

Cossentino and Sons: An Introduction

With over thirty-five  years of talent and experience on his side, Wayne Cossentino serves as the cornerstone of the Cossentino and Sons business. He and his crew ensure that homeowners are given nothing but the best when it comes to custom, quality remodeling projects, and a slew of satisfied clients can attest to the fact that they do just that!

Cossentino and Sons is more than a company you need to work with in order to get the home improvement projects that you want accomplished; they are a company you want to work with. Licensed contractors who prioritize quality do not rush projects, provide shoddy workmanship, or bail out at the last minute. Reliability can be hard to come by in the world of contracting, but not when it comes to Cossentino and Sons.

 Our Specialties

Cossentino Remodeling  can work with you to create the ideal plan for your home improvement project, whether it involves

  • Adding to an existing floor/room
  • Building a sunroom
  • Renovating a kitchen
  • Designing a custom finished basement
  • Updating a bathroom
  • Creating an addition for expanded living space
  • Anything else you can imagine!

Quality work is an investment in your home now and for the future. Get in touch with Cossentino and Sons today to begin planning your project!

Check back in with the Cossentino blog for all the up-to-date details on the world of remodeling and design!