Spring may be months (and months) away, but some Howard County homeowners might be looking to let the sunshine in a bit sooner.

Sunroom additions are always bright ideas when it comes to home improvements and renovations.

Frequently used to expand a home’s living space, sunrooms are primarily intended for rest or recreation, but can also double as a family room or be modified for use as an additional bedroom, a home office or studio, or even a small apartment.

Here are just 3 things to consider when determining whether a sunroom addition is right for your home.

  1. Light: The first and most obvious benefit of a sunroom addition is the abundance of natural light they provide. Large glass windows also offer unobstructed views of your landscape, contributing to a bright and cheery environment where your family can relax or socialize year-round. Make sure to talk to your remodeling contractor to define your specific needs and wants. What will be using your sunroom for, primarily? How much space do you need? A qualified professional will be able to help you get started while making informed recommendations for structure, location, and more.
  2. Temperature: Your sunroom addition is an extension of your home and is meant to be enjoyed year-round. When you hire a professional design/build remodeling company, you will never have to worry about creating a comfortable temperature inside your sunroom. Heating and cooling elements are part of the design and construction process. An existing heating and cooling system can be extended, but nine times out of ten, an independent mini-split heating and cooling system should be added. Your contractor will need to know whether the exposure of the sunroom is east or west so that heat intensity can be adjusted with the proper placement of windows. A professional, licensed contractor will also ensure that insulation is adequate and done to code.
  3. Location: Sunrooms are often directly tied to the home, whether sharing extended roofs or your home’s heating and cooling systems. Porches, too, are frequently enclosed to create sunrooms. That’s why the location of your sunroom is integral. Some homeowners desire a sunroom that is connected to a certain living space, like the kitchen, while others may not want any connectivity whatsoever. Comfort is key, so talk to your home remodeling contractor about different options.

A sunroom addition delivers a bright and cheerful space that’s low maintenance and high on ambiance. Whether you want practical and functional or something a bit more showstopping and exquisite, Cossentino & Sons can help.